How Much is 7 Million Pounds, Really?


I think we can all agree that the number 7,000,000 is impressively large, but to understand its true magnitude, it must be seen in the context of things that are more familiar and more easily identifiable. Hence this mind-boggling visual:

How Much is 7 Million Pounds, Really? An Ecogoodz infographic


So far in the year 2015, we’ve moved 7 million pounds of wholesale used clothing. That’s 3500 tons of clothing that didn’t end up in the landfill! Do you know how much the Statue of Liberty weighs? 240 tons. That’s right: If Lady Liberty had 13 identical friends, their combined weight still wouldn’t reach 3500 tons!

Here’s the breakdown from our infographic (all weights are approximate):

Christ the Redeemer: 700 tons

Stonehenge: 1200 tons

Blue Whale: 200 tons

1 single-level, 2000 square foot home: 200 tons

School bus: 13.3 tons

Elephant: 8 tons

Statue of Liberty: 240 tons


And this number–this 7 million pounds–doesn’t even include the other products we handle such as bulk linens and wholesale used shoes!

Thank you for donating your gently used items to thrift stores and charities. Together, we can do more to reduce unnecessary waste and keep recyclables, including textiles, out of the landfill!