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EcoGoodz is a wholesale used clothing supplier in the USA. We offer many different types of used clothing in bulk including credential clothing, mixed rags, bulk linens, wholesale used shoes (capsacks and gaylords), as well as baled soft toys and gaylords of hard toys.

The market for wholesale used clothing has grown out of necessity: With the rise of “fast fashion” people have begun to buy more—and also donate more—clothing than ever before. It is currently estimated, in fact, that Americans donate nearly 5 billion pounds of clothing, shoes, and linens each year! With this exponential increase in donations, thrift stores themselves need an outlet for excess donations as well as donations that are unsuitable for resale. They recognize that sending such items to landfills would be both costly to their organizations as well as detrimental to the environment. Instead they offer used shoes, household textiles such as linens and towels, and used clothing for sale in bulk for sale at deeply discounted wholesale rates to companies like ours.

Working closely with some of the nation’s leading charities and thrift stores, EcoGoodz helps to keep millions of pounds of used shoes and clothing out of landfills and get it into the hands of those who need it most; often people in developing nations who benefit from both buying and being able to sell quality, affordable used clothing and shoes.

Following is a general overview of the goods we offer. For specific information, including pricing and availability of product, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you might have and look forward to working with you.

Credential used clothing

Credential used clothing is ungraded and unsorted. Bales of credential clothing are unprocessed and are baled in their original condition. Credential used clothing is of higher value than other sorts because it has not been picked through. A mixture of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, used shoes, accessories may be found in a credential clothing load.

Mixed rags

Mixed rags bales are comprised of secondhand clothing deemed unsuitable for resale and/or used clothes that was marked for resale but failed to sell. It is not uncommon to find thrift store tags still attached to some items.

Used Shoes

All of our used shoes are paired and can be packaged in gaylords or capsacks. In general our shoe loads do not include sandals/flip flops, and high heels or footwear with excessive wear. Brands of wholesale used sneakers include Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, and others.

Bulk linens

Bulk linens are baled and may include bedsheets, bath towels, rugs, curtains and drapes, hand towels, blankets, and other household textiles.

Soft toys

Soft toys are often baled and include plush animals, teddy bears, rag dolls, and cartoon & movie characters. Any toys with hard parts and/or battery packs are not included.

Hard toys

Hard toys are shipped in gaylords and include small to medium sized plastic, metal, and/or resin composite toys. Plush toys with hard parts and/or battery packs are included in this sort.

  • Our partnership with EcoGoodz has been financially beneficial for our Organization. EcoGoodz has been a fair and reliable customer. They have been able to move a wide variety of commodities for us and payments have been swift. We look forward to continuing our business partnership with them. Supplier
    Briana , Private thrift store

  • We call EcoGoodz when we need to move mixed rags, shoes, toys, books, and accessories. Payments are always prompt and their dependability is unmatched. When you work with EcoGoodz, you know you’re being treated fairly and ethically. Supplier
    Tommy, Goodwill

  • It is a pleasure to work with the entire team at EcoGoodz. They have been a customer of ours for some time and they always make sure that payments and pick-ups are on time. We look forward to doing more business with them. Supplier
    Kaci ,Goodwill

  • EcoGoodz always pays on time. ALWAYS. Supplier
    Judy , Salvation Army

  • Working with EcoGoodz has been a great business relationship. EcoGoodz always pay on time, they are always prompt with pickups, they buy large quantities of our product, and they have spent a lot of effort and resources trying to buy and sell our hard-to-move products. Supplier
    Robert , Private thrift store chain

  • I love working with all of you guys at EcoGoodz! Supplier
    Karrie , Goodwill

  • We have a strong partnership with EcoGoodz.  They always send us product that works for our market. In the rare cases when something doesn’t work, they are quick to find a solution to the problem and they always make the issue right.   Buyer
    May, Singapore

  • We started purchasing in small quantities from EcoGoodz but over time we have increased our volume because of the great service provided to us on every transaction.  The team at EcoGoodz is very good at getting back to us with any questions and they always do their best to resolve any issues.   Buyer
    Luis, Venezuela

  • We have purchased thousands of pounds of quality credential clothing from EcoGoodz since February 2015. They have been great to work with in every aspect! They make every effort to accommodate our needs. The excellent communication, flexibility, reliability and ethical standards are just some of the reasons we continue to business with them.   Buyer
    Heather, San Francisco

  • One of the hardest things about importing used products into Africa is that we never know what the quality is like on each new load.  EcoGoodz does a fantastic job of taking pictures, video, and live feeds so that we are comfortable with the product before we buy.   Buyer
    Ben, West Africa

  • We buy containers of goods from all over the US.  EcoGoodz is very good at finding us quality products at reasonable prices.   Buyer
    Chanrith, Thailand 

  • EcoGoodz makes doing business very easy.  The sales team at EcoGoodz have been offering me fair deals and great service since 2012.   Buyer
    Richard, Tennessee


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