Blue Friday Instead of Black Friday

Embracing Blue Friday, a blog post by EcoGoodz, a mixed rags supplier

United By Blue is an outdoor apparel brand located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their mission “is to remove a pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways for every product we sell.” In their own words,

We have always been passionate about the ocean and the waterways that lead us there. For every product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways through company organized and hosted cleanups. In September of 2013, we opened our flagship store and coffeehouse in Old City, Philadelphia at 144 N. 2nd Street in an early 1900s building. Using repurposed materials, we created a space that mixes our complete line of apparel and accessories with a full-fledged coffeehouse serving up some of the city’s finest organic coffee and food.

An outdoor apparel brand located in Philadelphia is something you don’t often hear, but we’re happy to start changing that mindset. We’re inspired by the go-getters, the landscape around the waters we clean, and a really good cup of pour over coffee. We are endlessly putting in that extra effort to make sure our apparel and accessories are not only made responsibly, but also durable for that next great adventure.

What is Celebrate Blue Friday? It’s a new take on the day formerly known as Black Friday. Instead of “shop till you drop”, United By Blue is encouraging people to pick up a bagful of trash. Instead of opening their doors early on Friday, they’ll be opening late–so that they can lead by example and pick up their bags full of trash! If you’re unsure of how to join in the effort, United By Blue has a downloadable guide so you’ll know just what to do. There’s even an incentive for social sharing of your clean up effort!

So what do you think? Does your day-after-Thanksgiving need a new color?



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