Durable, Easy, & Realistic Kids’ Toys DIYs

Durable Easy and Realistic Kids' Toys DIYs, a blog post by EcoGoodz, a used clothing wholesaler in the USA

Toys are expensive, amiright? Even used toys can be spendy. And even when they aren’t, just the idea of buying more things that you’ll inevitably trip over in the dead of night doesn’t exactly sound appealing. And so you consider another option: DIY kids’ toys!

So you google ‘recycled kids toys diy’ (or something similar). And BAM! There are 984,358,438,700,234 results that come up. Where do you even start? Holy cow, how is it even possible that so many DIY kids’ projects exist?? How are you supposed to know which ones are legit and which ones are crap not worth your time? Because, let’s be honest: You may not realize until it’s too late that it’s just not worth spending 30 hours (…or even 3 hours, if we’re completely honest) creating an elaborate kitchen out of cardboard boxes for your two-year old (because frankly he’s going to dismantle, knock over, step on, and completely destroy it in 30 minutes). Some of the DIYs are so ridiculous that we’re sure they were created by people who’ve never actually encountered children at all.

Don’t worry. We’ll help you out. We’ve rounded up a few simple ones you can start out with. We were really picky about what we chose…which is why our list is so short. There are lots of projects out there, but to make our list the projects had to be REALISTIC. This means that an average person should be able to complete the project for a reasonable amount of money ($10 or less), in a reasonable amount of time (20 minutes or less), and they have to be toys that kids will realistically play with. Which brings us to our other criterion. Our featured projects also have to be DURABLE. Cars made from recycled jugs and lids? Cute. But not realistic or durable. They look good in a pinterest photograph, but your kid a) probably isn’t going to play with them and b) even if she does, they will probably be in pieces by the end of the day and the milk jug and lids will be back in the recycling pile.

So: Realistic and durable.

Here we go.


Puzzle Blocks via Dodging Raindrops

Easy, Durable, and Realistic DIYs for Kids by EcoGoodz, a used clothing wholesaler in the USA

Your kid tore pages out of another book? What’s wrong with your parenting?? Just kidding. Don’t feel bad; pretty much all kids have done it at one time or another. But thanks to Sheila at Dodging Raindrops, instead of tossing recycling the rest of the book, you can make it into a puzzle. She has an excellent tutorial for how to make these. She used pages from a vintage book, but really any book or printed matter (your kids’ works of art, perhaps?) would do. Depending on your child’s age and ability, you could use more/fewer/larger/smaller blocks. Oh, the possibilities!


Animal Magnets via Brit + Co

Easy, Durable, and Realistic DIYs for Kids by EcoGoodz, a used clothing wholesaler in the USA

There’s something about these little guys that just seems so ingenious. Don’t they look way more fun than the 2D animal magnets on the market? Heck yes, they do! These are spray painted gold but for kids they’ll be way more fun unpainted. A word of caution, though: If you have LITTLE littles remember that the magnet could be a choking hazard if it becomes detached from the animal.


Cardboard Construction Set via Parenting Chaos

Easy, Durable, and Realistic DIYs for Kids by EcoGoodz, a used clothing wholesaler in the USA

Thanks to Stephanie at Parenting Chaos we’ve actually found a cardboard kids’ toy we can get behind. Forget the ridiculously elaborate cardboard creations. This is simple, it’s (comparatively) quick to create, and you probably won’t be too upset when, ten minutes after you finish snipping all those Vs, your kid comes to tell you he spilled milk all over it; or in a hour when he gets bored of them and moves on to something else–because you only spent ten minutes (not ten hours) making it.


Bonus: Cereal Box Globes via My Plum Pudding

Easy, Durable, and Realistic DIYs for Kids by EcoGoodz, a used clothing wholesaler in the USA

We know, we know, this isn’t a toy. But just look at it! The bright colors, the circular globey-ness–mm! We just love it. We can’t help it. You should probably make one…or seven (we won’t judge) for your kid’s room. Megan at My Plum Pudding will even show you how.




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