Credential Clothing

Have you ever heard the term Credential Clothing? We’re guessing probably not. It’s an industry term that refers to a type of used clothing. When donated clothing is received by a thrift store or charity, the clothing is removed from the bags or boxes in which they arrived. They are sorted into different categories. If differs from charity to charity, but generally used clothing can be sorted by quality, fabric type, color, men’s, women’s, children’s, seasonal, etc. Some of the clothing is sold in-store. Some of it (including used clothing that is torn, stained, or otherwise unsuitable for resale) is sent to a warehouse to be resold in bulk as mixed rags (more on the mixed rag industry here). Charitable institutions and thrift stores, however, regularly receive more donations than they can sort through, let alone sell. Some of the donated bags of clothing are also sent to a warehouse. There they are baled together and sold as credential clothing. Their being unopened and unsorted is a key part of their value. Credential clothing is worth more than mixed rags because the items have not been graded.  Credential clothing is sometimes called an “original” donation because it is still in the same condition that it was in when it was left at the charity/thrift store or clothing drop box. And, since it hasn’t been sorted through, credential clothing may include an assortment of items, including women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories such as purses and belts, backpacks, caps (hats), as well as used shoes.


Is credential clothing better than mixed rags? Yes, it is. Credential grade clothing is higher quality than mixed rags and other used clothing that has been sorted through. During the sorting process, higher value items such as designer clothing, vintage pieces, new clothing, and other categories of used items (purses, belts, backpacks, shoes, wallets, toys, etc) have been removed from the sort. With credential clothing, however, these items will still be inside the donation bags.

Why does credential clothing matter? Americans donate nearly 5 billion pounds of used clothing every year. More and more, the value of used clothing is being recognized. Unwanted clothing does not belong in a landfill. The resale market for used clothing is strong and the items that can’t be sold here in the U.S. can be sold in other markets around the world. Credential clothing is a key part of the used clothing industry and provides charitable institutions and thrift stores an outlet other than the landfill for excess donations.






EcoGoodz is an established credential clothing supplier in the US. We are dedicated to providing quality goods at affordable prices worldwide.

We purchase used goods (including credential clothing, mixed ragsused shoes, soft and hard toysbulk linens, and more), customer returns, and overstock merchandise from multiple sources, including thrift stores and Fortune 500 companies. We then resell these goods at deeply discounted rates to wholesalers and retailers across the globe with an emphasis on developing nations.

To inquire about credential clothing or any of our products, you are welcome to contact us through our credential clothing website or through our main website We look forward to hearing from you.