Houses from Waste Plastic

Houses from Waste Plastic, a blog post by EcoGoodz, a wholesale used clothing supplier

Sometimes there are people who are so extraordinary–who do so much good or who are so original and innovative–we can’t help but write about them. Oscar Mendez is just such a person.

Mr. Mendez is a Colombian architect who builds homes for the homeless. He is one of many people around the world who are trying to make a difference for those who need the help. but what makes Mr. Mendez’s efforts so outstanding is how he’s doing it…or rather, with what he’s doing it.  Mr. Mendez builds houses out of lego-style plastic bricks…made from recycled plastic.

“This is an initiative of triple impacts: economic impact, environmental impact and social impact. Now the invention has started to benefit thousands of homeless, who are having their own housed built mainly in suburbs with the special chunks.

The housing deficit in Latin America is tremendous. 40% percent of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America do not own a home. One in seven people in the world lives in extreme poverty. Then Mendez wanted to improve this situation by offering houses.

With wide use of the new building components, Colombia also expects to downsize contamination caused by thrown-away plastics.” (source)

Mendez’s innovations have huge implications on a global scale. As mentioned in the above quote, using recycled plastic to build houses has an economic benefit, a social benefit, and a huge environmental benefit. Mendez’s company is Conceptos Plasticos.


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