Mixed Rags DIY: 3 Projects to Inspire You

Mixed Rags DIY: 3 Projects to Inspire You

Do you have a pair or two of denim jeans you don’t wear anymore? Have your kids worn holes in their jeans and now you’re not sure what to do with them? You could recycle them. Municipal and private textile recycling firms would be happy to receive them; there is even a company that makes home insulation exclusively from the fiber of recycled denim jeans. You could also donate them where they will become mixed rags, an industry term for used clothing. Or you could get creative and think outside the box. Reinvent that pair or jeans into something completely new. We’ve gathered six fun projects to inspire your creativity.

Project 1: Coasters

Mixed Rags Upcycle: Denim Coasters via My Recycled Bags

This is an easy project with a major wow-factor. Each coaster is unique thanks to the uniqueness of the jeans you’ll use to make these. Want to mix it up even more? Try using colored or black jeans. Or make a larger one to use as a trivet or planter stand! You can find the full instructions here.


Project 2: Denim Pocket Organizer

With some leftover burlap, a piece of wood, and some cutout pockets, Amy and Emily at Sisters of the Wild West created this adorable-yet-practical wall hanging storage compartment. Screw some hooks into the bottom and you’ve got the perfect catch-all to place just inside the door.

mixed rags upcycled denim


Project 3: Denim Play Crown

Carissa at Creative Green Living has the right idea with this adorable play crown. Even if you don’t sew, this cute kids’ dress up accessory can be a fast and easy project. Super glue, fabric glue, or even hot glue will work to put this one together. There is even a super great product called stitch-witchery that, using heat, will bond fabric. All you need is an iron.

mixed rags upcycled denim


BONUS: Check out this amazing upholstery redo by Meu Mundo Craft:

Funky, unexpected, beautifully executed–WOW. This is a DIY project that is probably beyond the skill set of the average crafter. But it is something to aspire to!


Need more ideas for mixed rags projects? Check out our pinterest page.