Planet Earth’s Recycling Superstars

Planet Earth’s Recycling Superstars, a blog post by EcoGoodz, a mixed rags supplier

Earlier this year, Expedia posted this awesome infographic about which countries and cities around the globe recycle the most (These numbers represent recycling in general and are not specific to used clothing collection, reuse and recycling).

We were surprised to learn that Austria ranked number one on the global scale, recycling 63% of its total waste as a country. Germany followed closely behind with 62%. Belgium and Switzerland tied for third, each recycling 50% of their total waste. USA and Sweden tied for fourth, with 49%, followed by the Netherlands (48%), Luxemburg (46%), Norway (40%), and Denmark (40%).

Breaking it city by city, we can see Europe emerge as the clear winner when it comes to recycling, “green” initiatives, sustainability, and other eco-friendly practices. Copenhagen, Denmark, for example, has a green city index¬†of 87.31 (out of 100), making it the greenest and cleanest city in all of Europe. Even more impressive, the city has set a goal to become carbon neutral in less than a decade.

Our own San Francisco wins the award for greenest and cleanest not only in the United States, but in all of North America. San Fran recycled a staggering 80% of its waste and has a green city index of 83.8 (out of 100). 46% of residents use green transport, and they are well on their way to being zero waste by 2020.

Planet Earth's Recycling Superstars, a blog post by credential clothing supplier EcoGoodz



































































































































































































































What can we learn from this information? First and foremost, it is evident that even in large municipalities and urban areas, it is possible to live “green and clean”. Living in a city does not necessarily mean living with pollution. With the right leadership, education of citizens, and program implementation, cities can (and really should) become less polluted and be able to divert more waste from landfills through recycling. The bar has been set by the standout cities in this infographic. It’s up to the rest of us to try to measure up!


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