Take the Zero Waste Challenge

Take the Zero Waste Challenge, a blog post by EcoGoodz, a credential used clothing supplier

Lauren Bowen started her blog “as the girl who shopped too much and then turned around to send tons of trash to the curb.” Her blog, The Zero Waste Memoirs is a goldmine for statistics, information, and encouragement for going waste free.  It’s just what we’re looking for to get this year started off right.

Baby-Steps-Challenge-White-BadgeLauren has come up with a 30-day challenge for those looking to ease in to the zero-waste lifestyle. She breaks the whole month down into four weeks, with six lessons in each week. It’s a lot of information and resources packed into one little month.

In a nutshell, during week 1 you’ll declutter, eat the food you already have, begin using your local recycling center, begin composting, and learn how to buy in bulk. Easy. Things heat up in week 2 as you learn to go paperless in the kitchen, learn how to replace store-bought, toxic cleaners with safer alternatives, learn about sustainability, learn how to make your own laundry detergent, start shopping secondhand and/or borrowing rarely-used items. You got this. You’re halfway through the month! Week 3 ends with a trip out-of-doors to reconnect with nature. But first, replace easily-disposed-of plastics with more durable alternatives, begin your wardrobe makeover, and compost. Week 4 will come all too quickly. Take a break; kick back with a Netflix documentary on sustainability. Go through your make-up and beauty products; learn how to make your own! Opt out of junk mail. Go reusable with your lunch and hot beverage containers. Even something simple like eating less meat can have an impact. And finally, replace old, toxic plastics with sustainable alternatives.

And that’s it! But don’t take our word for it! Head on over to Lauren’s blog and check it out for yourself because we aren’t going to tell you the most fun part of the whole exercise. You’ve got to find that out on your own by checking it out for yourself!



EcoGoodz is a credential used clothing company in the Pacific Northwest. Through our work, we have kept millions of tons of used clothing, used shoes, and bulk linens out of landfills, while at the same time providing affordable clothing, shoes, and commodities to people in need. If you are interested in learning more about bulk used clothing or inquiring about the availability of credential used clothing, please contact us.