Used Shoes Wholesale

Used Shoes Wholesale

The average American owns between 15 and 25 pairs of shoes. We have dress shoes, casual shoes, summer shoes, rain boots, flip flops, snow boots, running shoes, cleats, and more. Sometimes we even own the same pair in different colors. Some of our shoes were expensive splurges; some were well-planned and researched to get the best fit. Whether they’re made of a synthetic fiber or a natural material, whether they were expensive or bargain-priced, all shoes have one thing in common. They will all wear out and eventually be discarded.

Used Shoes Wholesale EcoGoodz

In a lot of cases, discarded shoes are still in great shape with a lot of “life” left in them. Some shoes can be passed on to a friend or family member. Older siblings often pass their out-grown shoes to their younger siblings. Some women trade shoes among friends. Some elect to sell their gently used shoes on ebay, craigslist, or in facebook groups. Sometimes shoes are simply donated to thrift stores and charitable institutions.

Shoes that are excessively worn and not suitable for wearing can be recycled. You’ll need to do a little research to find a suitable facility but they’re definitely out there! Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program is a popular one. Your local municipality or county outreach might have information as well.

Donated shoes are sorted and offered for sale in thrift stores. Due to the vast amount of shoes that are donated, not all are successfully resold in the United States. These unsold shoes are boxed into large cardboard containers called gaylords and sold at wholesale rates to developing countries which would otherwise have little or no access to quality footwear.

EcoGoodz helps facilitate the transfer of these used shoes wholesale. We have sent hundreds of thousands of shoes overseas to countries such as Benin, Africa, where they can be distributed to the local population. Many times the imported used shoes are of better quality and/or lower priced than new shoes on the market.