Credential clothing refers to a specific type of bulk used clothing. Typically, when donated clothing is received by a thrift store or charity, the clothing is removed from the bags or boxes in which they arrived and sorted into different categories. It differs from charity to charity, but generally used clothing can be sorted by quality, fabric type, color, men’s, women’s, children’s, seasonal, etc. Charitable institutions and thrift stores, however, regularly receive more donations than they can sort through, let alone sell. Excess donations, left unopened, are sent to a warehouse. There they are baled together with other original donations and sold as credential clothing.

The fact that credential clothing is unsorted is a key part of its value. Credential clothing is worth more than other types of used clothing because the clothing items have not been sorted and graded. During the sorting process, higher value items such as designer clothing, vintage pieces, and new clothing are removed from the sort and sold separately. With credential clothing, however, these items are still inside the donation bags. Credential clothing is sometimes called an “original” donation because it is still in the same condition that it was in when it was donated to the thrift store or charity. And since it hasn’t been sorted through, credential clothing may include an assortment of women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and children’s clothing, as well as an occasional pair of shoes, accessory item, hat, or purse.

Americans donate nearly 5 billion pounds of used clothing every year. The resale market for used clothing is strong and the items that can’t be sold here in the U.S. can be sold in other markets around the world. Credential clothing is an important part of the used clothing industry and provides charitable institutions and thrift stores an outlet for excess donations.

Our credential clothing bales typically weigh between 800 and 1200 pounds (363-544 kg) and are sold by weight. Shipping is available by the truckload or container load, both domestically and worldwide. For more information about pricing and availability, please contact us.


Mixed Rags is a category of bulk used clothing that is generated by thrift stores. It is sometimes referred to as “institutional clothing” or “institutional mixed rags”. Bales of mixed rags contain men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing items that were offered for resale in a thrift store but were not sold. It is common to still find store tags attached to clothing items.

Like credential clothing, mixed rags are an important part of the wholesale used clothing industry. Thrift stores in the US receive more than 5 billion pounds of used clothing donations each year, yet are only able to sell about 10% of those donations in-store. Without the mixed rags industry, 4.5 billion pounds of used clothing and other textiles would end up in landfills across the country.

5.6 billion people–roughly 80% of the world’s population–wear second hand clothing. We recognize that the availability of low-cost, high-quality clothing is important to children and adults around the world. We work closely with institutions across the U.S. to bring you the very best bulk used clothing at affordable wholesale rates. We want to help you bring affordable clothing options to those who need it the most.

Our bales of mixed rags come from a variety of locations throughout the United States and are sold by weight, with bales typically weighing between 800 and 1200 pounds (363-544 kg). Shipments of mixed rags are available by the truckload or container load and can be shipped to both domestic and worldwide locations. For more information about pricing and availability, please contact us.


This last category of used clothing contains items that didn’t meet the standards of the mixed rags grade and is therefore sold at a reduced price. Typical flaws in the items include stains, tears, rips and missing pieces. While this clothing is still usable it is more worn than our other categories of used clothing.


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