Paired Used Shoes

Did you know that for every 100 pairs of new shoes made in the U.S, 13 pairs of used shoes are discarded? That may not seem like much, but on a nationwide scale it certainly is. It is estimated that 2.4 billion pairs of new shoes are sold in the U.S. each year, but that 300 million pairs of shoes are discarded. Some of those shoes will be distributed domestically through resale and charity giving. Some used shoes (particularly those with excessive wear) will be broken down and recycled into new products, but the majority of donated used shoes are available for distribution to foreign markets.

According to one news source, because approximately 300 million people (many of whom are children) don’t have shoes, they are at an increased risk for “a number of debilitating conditions” which would largely be preventable if they have shoes. Working closely with some of the most trusted and reputable charitable institutions in the U.S, we supply the very best wholesale used shoes.

All of our used shoes are paired, held together either by tied shoelaces or by rubber bands. Paired shoes contain a mix of sizing and styles of men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes. Paired shoes are sold by weight and come packed into white cap sacks weighing about 50 lbs. each on average. Shoes with holes, damage, and/or excessive wear are not included.  We also sort out high heels larger than 2 inches, slippers, boots, flip flops, and roller blades.  Shipments of bulk used shoes are available by the truckload or container load and can be shipped to both domestic and worldwide locations. Other grades are available upon request.



Used Sneakers

Only paired tennis shoes are contained in the sneakers category. All dress shoes, sandals, walking shoes, boots and other types of footwear have been removed from this lot. This sort consists mainly of name-brand sneakers like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and other types of running shoes.  These shoes are store returns, shelf pulls, and overstock.  They are normally packaged into smaller boxes.


Brand New Sneakers

These brand new shoes are sold to us in bulk from major retail stores and are made available through a surplus in inventory. They can be purchased in their original boxes or they can be removed and placed in larger boxes to maximize the number of shoes in a shipping container. These highly sought after shoes include brands such as Nike, Reebok, Puma, Converse, New Balance, DC, and Under Armour.

Family Mix Shoes

Shoes in this mix come from different retail stores.  We include about 25 new shoes and 5 used shoes to help drive down the cost for you.  We place 30 shoes in a cardboard box that is designed to fit perfectly in a 20 foot and 40 foot container. These shoes are for sale, both domestically and internationally.


Some of the organizations that have put their trust in our service: