Cheap Clothing is a HUGE Problem

At EcoGoodz, we’ve always known that textiles are not trash, and as often as we could we’ve reminded people that unwanted clothing should always be either donated or recycled. Your donations are important! 80% of the world’s population buys and wears used clothing and used shoes. By donating, you’re not only helping others who can’t afford to buy new, but you’re also helping the environment, as pointed out in a new video by Grist.

Cheap Clothing Is a Huge Problem, a blog post by Mixed Rags Supplier EcoGoodz

According to their website, “Grist is a source of intelligent, irreverent environmental news and commentary that’s been around since 1999, when the internet was made of rubber bands. We cover climate, energy, food, cities, politics, business, green living, and the occasional adorable baby animal. Each day, we use our Clarity-o-Meter to point our readers to the news that matters most, and to translate wonky issues into stories that make sense.

“Our goal is to get people talking, thinking, and taking action. And it’s working: We now reach a community of more than 2 million people a month. Sixty-five percent of them do something based on our content. Mainstream media quote us. Policymakers sit up and take notice. Even our parents take our calls now.”

We couldn’t have introduced them better ourselves. They’re hilarious, they’re brutally honest, and they inspire and effect change. Win-win-win.

A few weeks ago they released a video about the textile waste epidemic. Take a look:

Grist: “We know you don’t want to talk about your impulse shopping habit, but we kind of have to. As hard as all those peplum tops and baseball tees are on your wallet (and your closet feng shui), they’re even harder on the planet — but wait! We promise we’re not trying to sell you an all-hemp wardrobe.

Instead, we’re offering you the easiest option imaginable to cut down on your carbon footprint. Watch our video above to learn more.”


To sum up:

1. Don’t buy cheap stuff. Invest in higher-quality pieces that will last.

2. When you’re finished with an item of clothing, donate it! Or, if it’s very worn, or stained, or torn, find a place to recycle it. Whatever you do, DO NOT put used clothing or shoes in the trash!

And that’s it!