Plastic Purge Challenge

Plastic Purge Challenge: A blog post by EcoGoodz, a wholesale mixed rags & credential clothing supplier

Plastic is everywhere. It’s in our clothing, in our carpeting, in the paint on our walls, in the kitchen, in the car–it’s virtually inescapable. And while it does serve many noble functions, it is also a hazard. At the lesser end of the spectrum, plastics are one of the most common pollutants. At the severe end of the spectrum, plastics such as polyvinylchloride (commonly known as PVC), can leech dangerous chemicals.

Case in point: You know that ‘plastic’ smell? It can come from one of two sources.

  1. The plastic smell can be caused by monomers that failed to polymerize during the production process, and
  2. When plastics are formed, they are hot and sticky. Releasing agents are used as a barrier of sorts so that the newly-formed plastics do not stick to the mold. These releasing agents are what you smell.

(Read more about monomers, polymers, copolymers and all things plastic!)

And then there’s the issue of food safety. Some people are unaware that there is a difference between regular plastic and food-safe plastic.

Have you seen this “hack”?

do not put food in plastics that aren't specifically labeled food safe, a helpful tip by EcoGoodz, a mixed rags and credential clothing supplier
Bagel in a CD container, via CubeSmart

Bad. Bad, bad, bad. Don’t do this, guys. NEVER PUT FOOD IN CONTAINERS THAT AREN’T SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR FOOD. All kinds of nasty chemicals can and will leech into your food. The production process for non-food-grade plastics is not the same as food-safe plastics.

If you’re feeling a little worried right now, there’s hope: Last year Rodale Wellness issued a challenge: Purge your life of plastic. You literally can’t purge your modern life of every synthetic polymer, but this is a great start.

Here are the best ways to avoid the most harmful plastics, without making yourself crazy in the process! | Rodale Wellness, featured in a blog post by EcoGoodz, mixed rags and credential clothing supplier

So? What do you say? Are you willing to take the challenge? We certainly are!



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