Resource Guide: Minimalism Goals for 2017

Resource Guide to Minimalism: Set Your 2017 Goals! a blog post by EcoGoodz, mixed rags supplier

Whether it’s a closet, a drawer, or your whole home; whether it’s your facebook friends list or your whole your life, 2017 is your year to declutter. Get rid of what you don’t need, use, or want. Start now to live cleaner, more simply, and ultimately happier. We want to help! Here are some resources and inspiration for your journey to less stuff (but more life!).

“Minimalism is asking why before you buy.” -Francine Vay

8 TED Talks to Inspire Your Inner Minimalist

When in doubt, eliminate instead of organize.

Minimalism + Goal Setting (advice from a life coach)

Becoming Minimalist

12 Struggles of Beginning Minimalist (and how to overcome them)

5 Documentaries that will inspire minimalism

“Owning less is great. Wanting less is better.” -Joshua Becker

“Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships, and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.” -Eleanor Brownn

The best advice we can add is two-pronged: Start small and start where you are. Your journey starts with just one small step; one day, one minute, one drawer, one facebook friend, one whatever at a time. Best wishes; keep us updated on your progress!

Do you have other awesome minimalist resources? Share them below in the comments section. Happy New Year, everyone!




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