50 Ways to Go Green This Halloween

50 Ways to Go Green This Halloween, a blog post by EcoGoodz, a mixed rags wholesaler


From costumes to decorations to treats, we challenge you to go green for Halloween this year! Here are some fun ideas we found:

Top 10 (in no particular order):

  1. Cook it up–If you buy traditional carving pumpkins, roast the seeds for a delicious treat! We love the simplicity of butter + salt, but a simple internet search will yield a bounty of pumpkin seed recipes. Whether you like sweet or salty, spicy or mild, we know you’ll be able to find a flavor you like. If you buy pie pumpkins, you can (obviously) reuse your pumpkin by baking it into a delicious pie!
  2. Compost it–Instead of tossing it in the garbage, compost your carved pumpkins.
  3. Nix the sugar–Give out non-candy treats. We love these pencils, which are made from newspaper!
  4. Recycle it!–Organize wrapper recycling in your neighborhood or community through Terracycle
  5. Less is best–Give out fewer treats per kid–instead of giving out a handful of treats, cut back to one per trick-or-treater. Healthier for kids, healthier for the environment, and healthier for your wallet.
  6. Second-hand costume–Thrift stores such as Goodwill, Savers (Value Village), and the Salvation Army often have delightfully unique costumes and clothing available. Be creative!
  7. Second-hand decorations–As with costumes, thrift stores have all kinds of wonderful, unique, and/or strange decor available.
  8. Go faux!–Instead of buying real pumpkins, consider investing in faux (fake) pumpkins. They’re available at many popular craft stores (some can even be carved!), and can be reused for years.
  9. Buy durable decor
  10. Get Crafty–Use items from around your house to make your own decorations. Isn’t this milk jug skeleton via Makezine adorable?

milk jug skeleton via makezine, featured in a blog post by EcoGoodz, a mixed rags wholesaler

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