EcoGoodz on Pinterest

Pinterest Icon, featured in a blog post by EcoGoodz, a Wholesale Used Shoes supplier

Ah, Pinterest, the magical digital landscape full of ideas, inspiration, and products. From recipes to cleaning advice, to tutorials on changinpinterest meme, featured in a blog post by used clothing bulk supplier, EcoGoodzg engine oil or crocheting a rug from old t-shirts, Pinterest is the internet’s favorite place to be.

What we love most about Pinterest is that it’s an impressive visual search engine. We search ‘Eco-Friendly DIY’ and a tantalizing array of pictures, tutorial, articles, and videos pop up. Even more obscure searches such as “used shoes for sale” brings up some pretty great results.

Like most other pinners, EcoGoodz has several different pin boards. Our boards are, of course, eco-themed and include:

  • A board dedicated to eco-friendly crafts for kids. But not just any crafts. The crafts we pin are, for the most part, things you or your child will want to keep, not coloring pages that will be scribbled on and then forgotten (this is particularly a problem around Earth Day).
  • A board featuring eco-responsible products, like home insulation made from recycled denim jeans (how cool is that??), and beautiful sweaters made out of discarded wool blankets.
  • A board full of informative and interesting eco infographics.
  • A board for art pieces made from found objects, garbage, or with some other eco-friendly theme. This is one of our favorite pin boards. Peoples’ ingenuity and creativity never ceases to amaze us!
  • A ‘Just For Fun’ board with eco-inspired humor, and
  • A board with links to articles and factual information.
  • A board we call Eco-AWESOME which is exactly what the name implies. This board is full of things that are encouraging and influential; things that have just really impressed us!
  • A board with DIY projects for upcycling, reinventing, and repurposing items that would otherwise end up in a landfill (like bulk linens, old tires, and used clothing)

We have other boards, but those are our most pinned-to boards. Check them out for yourself!